Painted illustration of agile event management from a reference book by VOK DAMS

Agile Event
Management published

Agile Event Management
VOK DAMS specialist book published

The agency for events and live-marketing VOK DAMS has dealt with the innovative solutions in the event sector in two specialist books published by the renowned publisher Springer Gabler. With "Hybrid Events" and "Live Campaigns", the agency offers its clients solutions that enable successful and target group-specific communication in times of digital transformation. After the "wow", the next step is the "how" in successful event management - Agile Event Management.

The book, which appeared likewise in the series essentials with Springer Gabler, shows in line with standard usage, how working methods and organization structures in enterprises and agencies changed in times of the digital transformation already and still more must change. Developed from the best of agile management approaches in the software industry (Scrum, Kanban and Design-Thinking), Agile Event Management provides the answer to the needs of all parties involved in implementing efficient and complex communication strategies. Agile Event Management means more initiative, more responsibility and faster coordination for the employees and a consequent transfer of responsibility for the executives with the result of higher efficiency, more innovation and more motivation of the employees.

"It is time for innovative solutions to be followed by innovative management methods. The complexity of the digital world calls for a move away from cemented and over generations of processes. Of course, there are different degrees of penetration of a complex subject. This book is not the only solution. Everyone has to see what works for them. We have used our experience as and described a method with which we have been able to achieve great success so far.", says Colja Dams, CEO of VOK DAMS worldwide.

The book appeared in German language with the publishing house Springer specialized media Wiesbaden in a print version and as eBook. 





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