BMW on the iNEXT World Flight in an airplane surrounded by LED walls

Around the world
in five days


Around the world in five days

VOK DAMS worldwide stages future of mobility on a cargo plane


Munich, New York, San Francisco and Beijing. Four cities where the BMW Group presented its vision of future mobility. In cooperation with Lufthansa Cargo, BMW embarked on a unique Global trip; the Vision iNeXT World Flight.

In a purposely designed and tailor-made exclusive closed-room concept, 100 selected media representatives experienced the theatrical staging of BMW’s trailblazing vision vehicle, the Vision iNEXT and the future of the BMW Group at each stop. For concept development and implementation, the BMW Group called upon the many years of expertise of the Munich office of VOK DAMS worldwide, one of the leading agencies for events and live marketing. The office was able to draw on the local VOK DAMS teams in China and the USA for the successful implementation.

VOK DAMS’ key challenge was to design and manufacture a suitable presentation setting inside the Lufthansa Cargo Boeing 777F to feature the car at its best - both emotionally and spatially. Besides that, the customs, security and immigration logistics at the local airports and the use of an cargo airplane as a live event venue came with their own set of trials and tribulations.

All challenges aside, the result was an extraordinary event: an interior perfectly designed for the live presentation of the BMW Vision iNEXT in an effortless symbiosis with a film showcasing the iNeXT story from the visionary point of view of the BMW Group. BMW’s strategic approach and the Vision iNEXT conceptual values were seamlessly translated into powerful, emotional, moving imagery.

The earth circumventing event allowed over 400 international media representatives to experience BMW’s tomorrow today and to have expert discussions with the inspiring minds behind the vision vehicle. A thought-provoking event setting for an equally thought-provoking future mobility vision.





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