ITB Eröffnungsfeier Pressefoto Messe Berlin - Projekt Management VOK DAMS

50 Years ITB
in Berlin


50 years ITB in Berlin
VOK DAMS stages exceptional opening event

For its 50th anniversary more so than ever the ITB emphasized its significance as leading industrial fair of the global travel industry in an impressive manner.

With an exceptional and very emotional show this year’s partner country of the ITB – the Maldives – presented themselves at the opening celebrations. The more than 3,000 guests experienced a cornucopia of top-class, artistic performances at the CityCube Berlin on the fair-trade premises.

The agency VOK DAMS, which can look back on an abundance of experience with trade-show openings (CeBIT, Hanover Fair) was requested and commissioned as an exclusive partner of the MB Capital Service GmbH, which is responsible for the coordination of this year’s partner country.

As lead agency, the Berlin-based team of the agency for events and live-marketing was responsible for scheduling, stage direction, light, sound and screen concept as well as the coordination of all sub-trades involved. This also included the integration of the protocol demands of the Maldivian show parts and the 50-years-ITB parts, as well as Video, 3D-mapping and speeches.

The result: an opening ceremony that befitted the special occasion of the ITB anniversary and surpassed the expectations of the guests.





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