21, VOK DAMS TrendLab - Agile Transformation of Events

Agile Transformation
of Events

VOK DAMS TrendLab 2018 – Agile Transformation of Events

In a world where people, objects and ideas are all interconnected, and where technological advances and opportunities are leading to an unprecedented dynamic communication landscape, one feature is increasingly separating the wheat from the chaff in live marketing: AGILITY.

In the 21st installment of the annual VOK DAMS TrendLab, we won’t present Agile as a mere concept; we will make it concrete. We let the pioneers, the creators, the creative and lateral thinkers have their say. Including a keynote speech by John M. Cohn, IBM Fellow at Watson IoT. A man who knows a thing or two about Agility.

In addition to stimulating speeches and presentations, you can also get involved in live art installations and be inspired by lively show & tell sessions.

VOK DAMS TrendLab is a great opportunity to meet your industry peers, exchange ideas with the VOK DAMS live marketing specialists and get inspired to do more and to do it better.

The 2018 VOK DAMS TrendLab will take place in Frankfurt am Main on 20 April. Attendance registration at trendlab@vokdams.eu. Please note that there are only a few places left.

We are looking forward having you as our guest.





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