Portrait Christopher Werth Mitarbeiter von VOK DAMS

Christopher Werth new Director Strategy and Concept


VOK DAMS welcomes creative head Christopher Werth onboard

After 11 years of developing successful concepts for agencies such as Springer & Jacoby, Jung von Matt or Scholz & Friends, the challenge of working for VOK DAMS, one of the internationally leading agencies for events and live-marketing, appealed to Christopher Werth.

As Director Strategy & Concept Christopher Werth is responsible for the development of innovative Live Campaigns for key account clients of the agency. Here, he can fully unleash his competence as campaign specialist for successful brands and thus boost the strategic focus of VOK DAMS.

Christopher Werth, who has already received many national and international awards, is looking forward to new accounts and especially to providing some fresh impetus to the creative team of VOK DAMS.

He defines storytelling both live and digitally– with a strong focus on mobile – ensuring a high retell-value as one of the guarantees for successful campaigns.





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