Gala Award trophy in Las Vegas for the BMW Vision iNEXT World Flight by BMW and VOK DAMS

Gala Award for BMW Vision iNEXT World Flight

VOK DAMS wins 2020 Gala Award with the BMW Vision iNEXT World Flight

At the annual Special Events Gala Awards, which took place yesterday during the Special Events Conference in Las Vegas, VOK DAMS came out on top with a Gala Award for BMW’s Vision iNEXT World Flight project. This is the 13th award this project has won over the last two years, convincing live marketing juries all over the World with it innovative and groundbreaking concept.

The BMW Vision iNEXT World Flight was the worldwide launch event for BMW's concept car, the Vision iNEXT. This was flown around the world in five days to be unveiled to the International press in four locations; Munich, New York, San Francisco and Beijing. A specially developed and tailor-made closed-room was developed for the interior of a Lufthansa Boeing 777F, in which 400 international media representatives experienced the vehicle and the implemented technology of BMW's mobility vision up close and personal.


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