Various screens show the digital event "Hallo Zukunft - Nice to meet you" of the pharmaceutical company Grünenthal

Going Digital with Pharma Company Gruenenthal

VOK DAMS wins account for digital events of Gruenenthal

The experts for events and live-marketing emerge as winners from the pitch of Gruenenthal GmbH. The core of the collaboration is the German pharmaceutical company's first digital sales force conference, which was attended by around 300 employees from inside and outside sales over four days. VOK DAMS Munich is responsible for the concept, design, direction, technical implementation and overall project management of the project under the motto "Hallo Zukunft - Nice to meet you".

The broadcast came from the temporary green-screen/3D mixed reality studio at the global Gruenenthal headquarters in Aachen, Germany, which became the stage for presentations, discussions and training sessions. On site were the management team of the German Sales Division and members of the global board. All other participants were able to join the event regardless of location via the user-friendly Gruenenthal branded interface. For Guenenthal's first digital sales force conference, VOK DAMS Munich relied on an open platform solution to create a customized digital and interactive experience. In addition to the central hub for streaming and information, the topic of emotional and motivational integration was not to be neglected.
Thus, VOK DAMS created a multitude of gamification and interaction elements to increase user involvement and promote omnichannel communication within the company. During the four days of the event, the employees of Gruenenthal had the opportunity to participate in more than 50 breakout sessions and watch live studio sessions.


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