New VOK DAMS White paper

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The EU GDPR and events

 VOK DAMS publishes current whitepaper

In a recent white paper, the agency for events and live marketing VOK DAMS has been dealing with the effects of the GDPR on the European event market.

The main focus of the paper is on guest management. In addition to a checklist for data security at events, practical experience with data management has been incorporated.

How to prepare for GDPR?
Here a summary of practical steps to be taken:

_Inform and prepare employees
_Take stock of current data processes
_Check legal basis
_Check contracts
_Fulfill all data obligations
_Customize privacy and consent statements
_Implement data protection through technology design and privacy preferential presets_Implement Privacy Assessment
_Implement subject rights
_Prepare documentation

The white paper can be downloaded for free on the Agency's website under the News section.