Goodyear UG 9 Product  Launch

Goodyear UG 9

Competence meets innovation VOK DAMS stages international Goodyear UG 9 Launch

Launch in Luxemburg “Meet the Ultragrip Makers“ – a programmatic motto for an eventful two days, in which Goodyear’s current winter tire innovations were introduced. Some 400 international tire dealers from the EMEA region were invited to experience Goodyear’s new “winter king”. However, it was not just about getting to know the UG 9, but also about an intensive live experience of the Goodyear brand right at the European location of Goodyear Dunlop Tires Operations SA. An extraordinary event, in which Goodyear again trusted the expertise of the event specialists from VOK DAMS, who have helped to successfully implement several events for Goodyear in the past. The motto “Meet the Ultragrip Makers” was to be taken literally. After a highly emotional launch of the tires, guests took part in four intensive workshops, in which they experienced not just the new Goodyear UG 9 but also the people behind this innovative product. Although most of the guests were experts themselves, they were nevertheless astonished over and over again, how much research, development and know-how is behind the new winter tire. At the end, the international tire dealers were convinced that the Goodyear UG 9 is a further milestone in the success story of Goodyear’s tires. The most enduring experiences, however, were the many new friendships which were established through personal dialog at this event in Luxemburg.


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