VOK DAMS holt Guestmanagement-Spezialisten Nils Ruthe

Grand Opening

Technological know-how meets emotional connection
VOK DAMS designs Grand Opening for Coroplast

The Wuppertal-based global player Coroplast invited it guests to a “Grand Opening”. The occasion: to celebrate the development of a new and unique coating machine. This one-of-a-kind machine was created in Wuppertal in close cooperation of the best machine manufacturers with the Coroplast engineers. And more: to accommodate this machine, a completely new building was erected, in which all the different steps of the adhesive tape production are housed and which also offers a new, modern working environment to employees from development and sales.

But it was not only technological know-how, which was to be in the foreground of the event, but it was also to include an emotional address of the more than 800 Coroplast employees and the 200 invited guests. The double entendre of Coroplast’s motto: “keeping you connected” was to be staged here.

An exciting challenge for Wuppertal-based event specialist VOK DAMS. In the concept that was developed in close cooperation with the client, the emotional connection was put into the foreground, and it was expressed in the use of adhesive tapes, tapes and tape-artists. Creating connections and tapes thus formed the (visible) red thread of the complete event. Guidance with tape-art-tattoos, interior design with elements from the tape production, 3D motion graphics of Coroplast tapes, tape-artist actions which invited guests to participate and a tape-painting of the famous Wuppertal trademark, the Schwebebahn (overhead railway), were but a few elements of this concept.

The event culminated in the unveiling of the new machine. Jumbo adhesive tapes partially covered the machine and creative mapping-projection played with motifs of veiling and unveiling. Falling tapes finally unveiled the new coating machine and allowed for a virtual look into its inside. The connection to the different Coroplast sites showed greetings from the different locations as well as a selfie contest – videos from employees from all national and international sites, which had been uploaded to a specially programmed website.

This atmosphere of emotional connection also spread to the speaker, which included the state secretary of North Rhine-Westphalia Franz-Josef Lersch-Mense as well as Wuppertal’s Lord Mayor Peter Jung. It was no coincidence that the employees also felt more than comfortable at the Grand Opening, as in 2014 Coroplast has been voted one of the top-employers in Germany for the seventh time running.


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