Event & Web X.0

The web is all around us – everywhere, like a cloud. Cloud Computing and working 
„in the cloud“ are common keywords. The web as constant companion is long since reality – is part of our everyday life. When we change our entry in XING, add a new friend on Facebook, listen to music on last.fm, use the webmail service of GMX or edit texts and tables together with colleagues on google, anytime, anywhere.

Soon, events will not be able to forego the web any longer. Fairs, congresses, product presentations and company anniversaries will continue to take place in the real world, but the Internet will become an integrated part, for example in order to invite participants, excite them, involve them, and continue the dialogue subsequently. The web will become an important tool for marketing and especially
for event marketing.

This study presents the versatile possibilities of the interaction of event and web in more details. The basis is a survey of marketing managers concerning their usage
of Web X.0-elements in their daily work. VOK DAMS divides the qualitative and quantitative survey into the areas B2C and B2B, as this has different effects on the usage of the tools.

Many of the web tools in question offer distribution within a short time thanks to their virality – provided this is backed by a corresponding creative idea – along with an activation of large user groups for events. And what is more credible than the recommendation of a friend, acquaintance, or work colleague?

It is very evident: Social Media is here to stay! 



Download the study here (PDF).


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