Live Campaigns

Which communication instrument offers the best opportunity to enter dialog? The answer is obvious: live-encounters and Internet. Live represents an enormous depth of contact, Internet stands for a very large amount of contacts in real time. So what would be more obvious than to sensibly combine these two? And thus the current trend in Live-Marketing is “Hybrid Events”.

Hybrid Events stand for the combination of the live-experience with its immense contact intensity with MoSoLo (mobile applications, social media und location based services) offering the vast coverage potential of the Internet. Hybrid Events especially are able to integrate other media channels such as TV, Print or PR into marketing communication. The event is no longer one mere communication channel amongst others. But it generates content for all relevant channels of the target group.

Thus, the event moves into the core of the overall marketing campaign. Events become the epicenter of a new communication form for brands and products – the campaign becomes a “Live Campaign”. We have to take into consideration here that already several communication measures or events, which are being implemented nowadays, contain Live Campaign elements or have to potential to become a Live Campaign.



Download the study here (PDF).


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