The Future of the Anniversary Event


Meaningful Anniversaries

Five years after the last report, the experts for events and live-marketing once again focused on anniversary events and developed the FAB-4-FORMULA for successful anniversary events in their latest whitepaper "Meaningful Anniversaries".

With "Meaningful Anniversaries", VOK DAMS provides an insight into the strategic planning of anniversary events of the 1920s. Their extensive research shows how the needs of the target groups have changed due to digitalization, affecting the conceptualization of any anniversary event.

The study identifies four trends which together build the FAB-4-FORMULA for successful anniversary events: authenticity, value orientation, digital motivation and participation.

Authenticity means the credible communication and experiencing of what constitutes a company. Closely connected with this is value orientation, as values drive companies and make them successful. Digital activation comprises of all digital elements activating the target groups into authentic, digital ambassadors. Participation goes one step further: target groups are involved from the outset in the conceptualization as well as the co-design and arrangement of the anniversary celebrations. These four elements enhance the communicative effect of an anniversary event.

In "Meaningful Anniversaries", VOK DAMS outlines the future of the anniversary event on a total of 22 pages. Including case studies showing how the four success building blocks (authenticity, value orientation, digital activation and participation) contribute to effective anniversary events.



Download the study here (PDF).


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