Press release:
Creative Power in China

The continuous success of VOK DAMS China cannot be attributed to the high quality of their projects alone, but can also be explained by the high standard of creativity that the team around General Manager Ulrike Ellmann adheres to within each project.

Thus, it is but only a logical next step for VOK DAMS China to further invest in its creative competence.

A creative specialist, Dominik Soemantri (32), will be starting as new Concept Director in Beijing. China, the so-called “Middle Kingdom”, is no new territory for Soemantri, who went to Beijing after having worked as a Project Manager for L’Oréal in Dusseldorf. In the Chinese capital, he succeeded as Account Manger for MetaDesign and, most recently, as Account Director for Avantgarde.

Moon Yang (32) will take over as head of the unit design & graphics. Moon Yang has been working for VOK DAMS Beijing for five years.
She started as designer, was then promoted to senior designer, and now qualified as Head of Design due to her high creative competence and artistic ability.





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