VOK DAMS gets HR pro Sabrina Musenbrock onboard

There is hardly a hotter and more fervently discussed topic in the events industry at the moment than its future personnel requirements. The much-quoted “generation Y” deviates between nest-building and self-reliance, finding its way between work-life-balance and work-life-blend.

The agency VOK DAMS, which has set numerous standards in advancing the events industry, has now further increased its internal HR team. With Sabrina Musenbrock, VOK DAMS succeeded in getting an experienced HR professional on board. The personnel specialist has almost 10 years of experience in recruiting experts as well as executive managers. During her employment as project manager for a renowned HR consultancy, she was both responsible for contacting potential candidates as well as for the overall recruiting process.

Focus of Sabrina Musenbrock’s job at VOK DAMS will be the development of innovative recruiting concepts, strategic and operative personnel planning as well as the further advancement of the existing human resource development process.