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BASF Creator Space Tour: international Roadshow VOK DAMS

BASF Creator Space™ Tour

A global co-creation tour for a sustainable future: probably the largest co-creation program that has ever been initiated by a company

Geneva Motor Show: SEAT press conference and product launch by event agency VOK DAMS

SEAT at Auto Salon Geneva

The general objective was also the main challenge: to make the SEAT press conference stand out and lure journalists to it – in a setting,...

Geberit Top Treff - Brand Launch Event - VOK DAMS

Geberit TopTreff

A highly motivational and thought provoking Midsummer night’s dream for sanitary specialists Geberit

EWE at E-World - Trade Show Communications - VOK DAMS

EWE E-world

We developed the communication- and tradeshow concept for EWE, the friendly energy provider from the north of Germany.

European Inventor Award Ceremony - VOK DAMS

European Inventor Award

Courage, passion and innovation – these are characteristics not only of successful inventors but also of the European Inventor Award Ceremony.

Lufthansa Product Launch A380 - VOK DAMS

Lufthansa A380 launch China

Lufthansa’s growth in the Chinese market has been exponential and to cope with the ever increasing demand, the A380 was introduced on China to...

Evonik Brand Re-Launch - VOK DAMS

Evonik Industries

Launching a new company name with maximum publicity; RAG becomes Evonik and we were there to make it spectacular and unforgettable.