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Vodafone - Sales Kick-Off

For Vodafone, we created a dynamic, diversified and emotional digital event that was based on information sharing and interoffice interaction.

Swisscom - Urban Hacking

Becoming a love brand: The young, future-oriented target group was to be addressed emotionally, with the greatest possible dose of Swissness.

Porsche Boxster Dealer Launch - Product Launch - VOK DAMS

Porsche - Dealer Launch

1800 guests, 60 cars, 1 drive-in cinema, 1 racing circuit and 1 volcanic island on the West African Coast. The Porsche Boxster Dealer Launch.

EWE at E-World - Trade Show Communications - VOK DAMS


We developed an experience for UJET that showcased the pioneering EV brand highlighting their stellar progress and smart mobility solutions.

European Inventor Award Ceremony - VOK DAMS

European Inventor Award

Courage, passion and innovation – these are characteristics not only of successful inventors but also of the European Inventor Award Ceremony.

Evonik Brand Re-Launch - VOK DAMS

Evonik Industries

Launching a new company name with maximum publicity; RAG becomes Evonik and we were there to make it spectacular and unforgettable.