Launch Event


On a field in the middle of Germany, we created a spectacular launch event for the most important tractor series, the 700 Vario, of the renowned agricultural machinery manufacturer Fendt. The goal: to stage the new agricultural machinery for an international audience. The message: unprecedented power and agility with particularly light weight. The result: a spectacular show, broadcast to a worldwide audience. The highlight: A stunt that has never been seen before in the world.

You dreamt it. We built it. - The new tractor is the result of passionate development work, geared to the needs of customers and representing the Fendt brand's deep understanding of agriculture. The creative idea for our event is the logical continuation: You dreamt it. We built it. We show it.

The impressive event is our answer to the pandemic situation and the cancelled Agritechnica trade fair. The goal was not only to find an adequate replacement for the trade show appearance. The trade press and important VIP customers were still to experience the product launch live on site.

Product launch events are an effective marketing measure because they generate attention, enable direct interaction and create a positive brand perception. Through targeted staging and communication of product features, brands can convey a strong message to potential custom-ers about their values and the benefits of the product.

As befits an agricultural machine, we staged the tractor in the middle of a 150-hectare field where we set up a huge exhibition area, framed by extensive lighting installations. In front of the show area, a covered grandstand provided an optimal view for the approximately 150 invited journalists and VIP guests.

In categories such as performance, flexibility or comfort, we put the product promise to the test in a new event format: live demonstration of technical features meets TV entertainment on a grand scale. It all culminated in an unprecedented stunt and the show highlight of our event: can the Fendt 700 Vario get a glider into the air?

Yes, it can. This particular experiment is not only intended to demonstrate all the performance features of the new tractor. It is also proof of the pioneering spirit and technical superiority of the Fendt brand. The combination of the dream tractor with the eternal dream of flying creates images that will not soon be forgotten. And they will be talked about for a long time to come.

In addition to a spectacular live experience for the guests on site, the digital live event generated above-average attention and traffic: over 25,000 viewers* followed the event live on YouTube, where it was synchronously translated into 5 languages. In the days following the livestream, over 290,000 users visited the product website. An unprecedented success for Fendt. Digitally, we were able to reach a significantly larger audience than the Fendt trade fair stand had in previous years, with around 130,000 visitors*.

With the Fendt 700 Vario Launch Event, we succeeded in creating an emotional brand experience that amazed both the guests on site and numerous people worldwide. The spectacular show, which was specially designed for a large, global audience, hit right at the heart of the many farmers and Fendt fans.



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