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Geberit - TopTreff

2,800 guests were invited to the Geberit TopTreff. With a fascinating mix of multimedia and live entertainment, a story of discovery, loss, searching and finding was conveyed. Quite extraordinary for a bath and sanitary technology company.

Key clients, opinion leaders, communicators (trade unions, educational institutions and politicians) and – last but not least – potential clients, joined the Geberit TopTreff at three different locations: Hamburg, Duisburg and Stuttgart.

The overall objective of the TopTreff was to emotionalize the Geberit brand, make it more personal and approachable. Clarify and cement the brand positioning. Not just to strengthen the existing client relationships but also to win over potential customers. Our task was then to develop a concept that has room for a overarching highly emotional experience with enough time and space for a intensive dialogue between company employees and clients.

We linked the full product menu of the Geberit system with the perfect culinary menu. Both lead to a better quality of life and therefore nicely connected as a overall thematic lead. We called the event: “Beautiful life, a culinary midsummer night’s dream in four acts”.

We included a famous German Rock ‘n Roll chef, who connects modernity with the classical tale of the Midsummer night’s dream. A surprisingly innovative and sensorial appealing evening, leading to lively conversation and stronger connections. 



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