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Jewish Museum - Anniversary Event

The Jewish Museum in Berlin has been a world-renowned institution for German – Jewish culture for the last 10 years. An occasion worthy of a celebration of both history and future.

900 supporters and friends of the museum from all around the world were invited to join the celebration. From politics to business, from honorary members of the society to former German Prime Minister Helmut Schmidt. Part of the celebration was the ceremonial hand over of the “Award for understanding and tolerance” to Dr. Angela Merkel, the current Prime Minster of the German Federal Republic.

As all the funds raised during the dinner would go towards the construction of the new academy of the Jewish Museum, it was decided that the actual construction site should be integrated into the event. This meant that a complete but temporary event infrastructure had to be implemented at the construction site, without forgoing the intimacy and warmth of a invitation-only dinner event. The actual academy construction site was separately lit, acting as a vibrant stage backdrop and outdoor spots highlighted the museum and the adjacent flower market. Guest management and a top-level security concept were also part of the client brief.

Highlights of the event were the speeches of Michael Blumenthal and Angela Merkel and the surprise solo concert of Daniel Barenboim on the grand piano. The key visual, a stylized blossom of the snowball hydrangea, was not only a symbol of “developing’ but also acted as a theme frame work for all event design including the flower decorations.





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