Sales Promotion

JP. Chenet - Floating Beach Club

The Floating Beach Club was VOK DAMS Worldwide interactive solution for JP. Chenet summer sales promotion. We presented the French wine in a sun-kissed ambiance, offering guests an unforgettable experience: the JP Chenet Floating Beach Club. The beach club offered 100 square meters of celebration and joy. Up to 60 people experienced a two-hour tour in Berlin, three times a day.

JP. Chenet’s range of refreshing beverages was the center of the floating oasis. Our communication concept embodied the values of the French company: enjoyment, authenticity and a shared experience. The essence of this philosophy was reflected in our implementation. A relaxed lounge, summer tunes, sunbeds, hot tubs, soft sand loungers and stand-up paddleboards provided fun, relaxation and great stories to share on social media.  

Our strategy for promoting JP. Chenet’s products, delivered resounding results: our guests became customers and ambassadors. Resulting in sold several thousand bottles of JP. Chenet sold during the various tours. Renowned brands, such as Zalando and Universal Music, also booked the Floating Beach Club, offering their VIP guests an unforgettable ride. The success of the Berlin rides convinced JP Chenet of the impact and ROI of the floating beach club, so next year VOK DAMS will take the concept to Amsterdam, Prague and other European cities. Bringing sun-drenched fun, quality beverages and water based merriment to those shores. 





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