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Live Campaigns are the latest trend in Live Marketing. This innovative concept was born out of the fact that classic mass advertising is becoming more and more ineffective delivering the right message to the right audience in an impactful way. Most advertising messages are easy to ignore and/or have no added value to the receiving consumer.

Live campaigns offer a solution to engage in a meaningful and mutually beneficial way by putting experience in the heart of the campaign. Instead of exposing consumers with just an advertising message, live campaigns strive to entertain and inform in a non-obtrusive way. A perfect occasion to invite critical consumers to engage with and experience brands and their messages.

Moreover, Live campaigns generate content for further communication. It generates memorable experiences, footage and stories. All can be used in multiple communication channels, extending the reach of the brand message far beyond the scope of the actual campaign. This extended usage makes a single event into a real live campaign with increased and meaningful awareness, emotional connections and long-lasting value for all parties involved.

A true example of a meaningful and successful live campaign is the Lamborghini Aventador roadster launch in Miami, Florida.

How to unveil the quintessential jet set super sports car to the world? How to attract and capture the attention of the press, potential customers and the general public? With a bang!

Lamborghini is a brand that’s famous for its undeniable and awe-inspiring presence. Not just for the lucky few owning its products or driving them for publicity purposes but also for the general audience. To have all to enjoy Lamborghini’s inspirational products, we took to the streets of the hedonistic paradise of Miami’s South Beach. And not in a shy way, we took over the city with 25 brightly colored and impressively loud Aventador Roadsters. From parading on Ocean Drive, taking the cars through up on its racing pedigree on Homestead Raceway to drag racing a Boeing triple 7 at Miami International Airport.

We couldn’t have been any louder.

All 400 guests stayed with us for 1,5 days. On arrival we shuttled them to the W Hotel where they would step into the excitement of a Lamborghini branded world only to be released back into the mundane 1,5 days later.
The following day saw our guests behind the wheel of the cars, driving through Miami and Miami Beach escorted by Miami’s finest. This was an up close and personal experience seeing the impact the cars have on the general audience. It must have been an amazing experience to drive through scores of applause and shouts of appreciation.

The scenic route took the guests to Homestead raceway where they could unleash the power and experience out of this world performance.
On the way back to hotel an unexpected stop was made at Miami International airport, where selected guests had the chance to drag race a American Airlines Boeing 777.

Of the 200 International publications invited, 120 put the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster on their cover. Next to that, branded content of the event was used for a National Geographic documentary and used to promote not only the car and the brand but also Miami as a destination.



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