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LIPTON - Promotion Tour & City Slide

Lipton wanted to introduce their new product to the young, upwardly mobile target group. In an unobtrusive and friendly way. Sampling was the preferred communications channel. At venues and locations where the target group enjoys to be, not locations where they have to be. A beach or a park as opposed to a supermarket or an inner-city high street. A German nationwide promotional tour covering the major cities. A qualitative approach where the chosen locations are relevant to the product and preferably add to the product experience.

In our search for the ultimate venues we came across the American concept of ‘Slide in the City’. An outdoor water festival with two 500 meter waterslides built in the middle of the city. An exceptional concept and as sparkling and refreshing as Lipton Sparkling Ice Tea. Fun in the sun, enjoyment in the water, happy tunes blasting and scrumptious foods and beverages. The ideal setting to try and taste Lipton Sparkling Ice Tea. Further research showed that a German agency was brining the ‘Slide in the City’ concept to Germany under the moniker of ‘City Slide”. Slightly different name but same exciting and energizing concept. After a couple of meetings with all parties involved, “Lipton presents City Slide” was born. 

In the run-up to the actual sampling events, we heavily promoted our “experiential sampling” tour, integrating all media channels: Bills covered the cities that were to be visited by the slides, choreographed press releases by all parties involved informed PR magazines, journals, and consumer press (mostly youth, sports, and lifestyle), a specifically produced trailer was spread via YouTube. 

Days before the City Slide event, we had two teams equipped with beach buggies and plenty of ice-cold sparkling ice tea roaming the city centers. And to add to the excitement, Lipton branded jet-skis with huge flags in tow, navigated the city rivers throughout the days before the event. On the location of City Slide, we installed twelve sampling stations. All clearly branded and recognizable as Lipton Sparkling Ice Tea. We installed umbrellas and bean bags so people could sample and enjoy the product in blissful comfort.

And being the environmentalists we are, we installed drink can recycling stations throughout the festival grounds. Lipton hostesses, engaging and interacting with the crowds, manned the stations. Next to the stations we also roamed the festival grounds to interact with the guests and hand out ice-cold cans of Sparkling Ice Tea. With thousands of exciting participants waiting their turn on the slides, an ice cold and free drink was highly appreciated!