Porsche - A Timeless Machine

"A Timeless Machine" - the motto of the new 911 model also adorned the 10-day launch event. With a journey through time and the history of the sports car icon, a unique Porsche universe was produced on 6,700 sqm. 6,700 sqm used for exhibition space, telling visions, stories and developments of the classic up to the presentation of the new model.

Not only in terms of content but also strategically, the theme of "time" was reflected in the conception of the project: with an "all-in-one" event, the multi-day event picked up different target groups almost simultaneously and one single event became a special kind of unveiling.

Part of the event was the official launch of the new Porsche 911 at an exclusive Exhibition VIP Night. For selected guests and the press, the industrial halls of the exhibition opened up and led to a center with a large stage, where the new 911 model was unveiled with the presentation of an exclusive film presented on powerful screens. Exciting lectures and media interviews led over to the exclusive after show party.

In the following exhibition days, the created space around the Porsche 911 became open to the public. The concept came to life to its full extent in the premises of the large industrial location: Design/Lifestyle, Tradition, Motorsport and the new 911 were the themes of the four designed areas, which reflected the history of the Porsche brand with elaborately designed installations and enthused the public. In addition, visitors were able to test drive the new Porsche 911. Expert interviews and discussions provided specialist information for guests and press.

With the Porsche 911 Launch Exhibition, a multi-perspective event came to life, which achieved a high degree of attention and great media coverage by reaching press and social media channels. A single event with numerous highlights for celebrities, industry experts, brand ambassadors, Porsche fans and customers - and thus a unique brand experience with a strong reach.



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