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Porsche - Dealer Launch

Porsche dealers are used to work with high net worth individuals who demand the best in life. This makes them appreciate attention to detail and flawless event execution. These guests don’t suffer fools lightly and any agency serving 1800 of them must be on top of their game.

To get 1800 guests to Gran Canaria in a time span of 3 weeks is a military style exercise by it self but on arrival the real action started. Both for the organising agencies and the guests.

The overall theme of “Breaking Free” was chosen carefully to match the Porsche Boxster’s overall positioning: “A symbol of independence”. The Boxster is not just a car, it’s also a mind set, a way of life. Going about your life the way you want, being free and choosing your own path. A Porsche roadster is a car fitting this attitude to life perfectly. Not for nothing free-thinkers like Steve McQueen, James Dean and Steve Jobs drove roadsters.

The choice of location was also a direct interpretation of the Boxster’s free and independent approach to life. A volcanic island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, free spirited and far away from red tape and the choking enclosures of the big cities. Spectacular winding roads through breath taking black volcanic landscapes and long stretches of super fast coastal roads hugging the mountain fringes. A more suitable environment for a enlightened roadster is hard to imagine.

After a welcome reception the guests were immersed in the world of the new Boxster and its Breaking Free approach to life, through an emotionally charged unveiling on a 40-meter wide projection within the sinister and fascinating volcanic ash landscape. A vacant dam was used as the screen for the projection and an amphitheatre for 300 guests with wooden walkways from the event hotel was purposely build for the occasion. Adding to the breaking free theme of the event, utilizing unexpected and extraordinary event venue.

The overall atmosphere was like to silence before the storm, or in this particular case, the quiet anticipation of a volcanic eruption. Imagery of raging fires and boiling lava filled the guests with anticipation. Clever pyrotechnics and a thundering soundtrack left them in awe. The multimedia action cumulated in the new Boxster rising from the blistering lava like a phoenix from the flames; Breaking Free.

The next day all guests found themselves behind the wheel of the new Boxster, ready to experience the car on both the winding mountain roads of the island as on the challenging apexes of the international circuit around the corner. A three hour scenic drive through the diverse landscapes of the island ensured that all dealers got to know the superb handling, the agility of the engine and the roadster pedigree of the Boxster first hand. 38 nationalities let their hair blow in the wind and experienced breaking free the Porsche way.

In line with the breaking free theme, the additional product knowledge sessions were held in a drive-in theatre set up, resulting in a sensory mix of learning and experiencing.

On the track all guests received their safety briefing in a high quality temporary structure, ensuring that the Porsche brand world immersion was seamless. On the track the new Boxster showed what the Porsche experience is all about in real life; power and handling in its purest form.

Small personal touches made the guests both feel appreciated and part of the extensive Porsche fraternity. Not just fresh bottles of water in the car after every stop but also sun screen lotion and caps. Roadster driving is an awesome experience but the sun was one of the few factors outside of the agency’s control…

The evening of the second day was a celebration of meeting new friends and welcoming back old ones. An evening with fine food, free flowing drinks and exhilarating entertainment. And as cherry on the cake a sneak peak in the near future of Porsche. A small treat but one that needed full cover security to ensure now pictures would be taken and leaked. Gran Canaria was a very safe place these particular nights…

After two days, all guests left the island satisfied, with many stories to tell and a experience of breaking free not many people have experienced. The next chapter in the Porsche Boxster story is now theirs: getting new and existing customers all over the world experience breaking free in their own life.

Three agencies, 280 event professionals, a lead-time of 12 months and a “breaking free” spirit while maintaining full control. These events don’t come easy but last a lifetime.




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