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PUMA "runway" Event

A preview of the various Puma collections to international buyers and internal staff. Implemented in Athens and Beijing with one week in between. The event consisted of an extensive fashion show, an elaborate gala dinner and a number of separate top quality merchandise showrooms. We were responsible for design, construction, production and project management.

Project highlight was its event specific corporate design, which was consistently applied to all media – stage setting, media production, decorations, print items and giveaways. This was done by switching PUMA’s red and white CI to black and gold. The furniture was adapted to the event’s requirements and branded with a high-quality black/gold varnish.

We supplemented the traditional catwalk show with dance elements. During the haute couture part, photographers were first seen on the projections and then they suddenly appeared live on stage, underlining the catwalk atmosphere.

Next to the catwalk show we also designed three breakout showrooms for guests to explore. The upscale black/gold décor resembled fine designer boutiques. Each room had its own theme – “Apparel”, “Footwear” and “Accessories”, enabling the guests to experience “runway” close-up and in detail. 



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