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SEAT - Auto Salon Geneva

The general objective was also the main challenge: to make the SEAT press conference stand out and lure journalists to it – in a setting, which is buzzing with another 65 press conferences and where 150 new models were being presented. The other objective was to immerse the journalists in SEAT‘s brand world, to bring about all relevant elements and information about the two cars, which were to be revealed, while also stirring up emotions.

Our approach was to create and tell outstanding, memorable stories – which could then be retold in the press.

Starting with the Mii, we stressed the fashion element, staging it. In one image that captured it all: the famous picture in which Marilyn’s white halter dress is blown up. This picture epitomizes timeless style. And this is exactly what we wanted to convey when unveiling the newly styled Mii. Alluding to Marilyn Monroe’s iconic image we also created a long-range effect with our model being suspended from the 12 meters high ceiling, establishing a lasting image. In short, told a story to be retold. Immediately, visitors drew the connection between the fashionable Mii, its female target group and the female fashion icon that revealed the car, anchoring it firmly in their minds.
It became talk-of-the fair, simply because it was so outstanding and visible from afar. And it worked: as the gathered crowd of several hundreds proves. Expectations were exceeded as far more journalists came to join in the conference than anticipated!

The story around the Leon Cupra was all about the car’s sporty dynamics, about speed... which is inherently difficult to be experienced at a largely static booth.
So we decided to change that by playing with time and speed: We had the dancers slow down into slow-motion movements, changed the sound, played with wind and light to create a 360° feeling of time being slowed down – so that the only thing moving perceptibly “fast” was the Leon Cupra on stage.
We further played on this story of speed by staging the news of the Leon Cupra’s newly set record, by having the guests participate as much as possible in the race (on film and with a timer), with different video clips from inside and outside the car – a story that was underpinned and presented by in-house record driver Jordi Gené, who added both credibility and authenticity to the setting.




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