Digital Event

Vodafone - Sales Kick-Off

"We keep Germany going" was the motto of the two-day Vodafone Sales Kick-off, for which we digitally brought together around 5,000 Vodafone employees digitally from all over Germany. Our task: the concept development, content creation, content management and production of the digital event.

The broadcasting was carried out from Vodafone's headquarters in Dusseldorf: The 18th floor of the office building was turned into a broadcasting studio, where a safety concept ensured that all safety precautions for guests and crew could be observed on site. All participants joined the event from home via the user-friendly, Vodafone-branded interface and contributed to a successful digital event in each of the four sessions, which could be visited parallel.

The Vodafone Sales Kick-off turned into a dynamic and diversified digital event with focus on exchange. Interactive quizzes, Q&A and feedback sessions successfully invited participants to take part, raising awareness repeatedly and leading to strong user involvement.

Content included strategic topics as well as the speech by Vodafone CEO Hannes Ametsreiter or the emotional tributes to the 775 best sales employees. Vodafone chose a digital event with live broadcast to create a digital yet personal, interactive path for the annual Sales Kick-off, which this year couldn’t be a live event.



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