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Volkswagen Think Blue Spritsparathon

With Think Blue, Volkswagen emphasizes its responsibility for ecological sustainability. Through Think Blue, everyone can make their contribution to a better environment: Volkswagen with fuel-saving and low-emission solutions; people with their eco-conscious behavior. The Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion was the perfect vehicle to promote sustainable car ownership by having drivers experience the car themselves

To get as many drivers as possible – literally – on board the “Think Blue. Spritsparathon 2011.” was initiated. In six regional competitions, the participants could qualify for the big finale in Germany – by showcasing their fuel-saving driving and their knowledge about sustainability. The project was promoted not only in the usual media, but also in mobile and digital media, especially social media.

The big finale in Germany was a rally from Wolfsburg to Berlin with many interactive sustainability stops culminating in the finish at the Potsdamer Platz. The contestants with the lowest overall fuel consumption were lauded here and won the VW Golf BlueMotion they arrived in. Cooperation partners, such as the German Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU), provided information about sustainability at different stands and a dedicated event program gave people of all ages the opportunity to experience the topic first hand. 

The project resulted in more than 500,000 consumer contacts and extensive media coverage.