Jetta - At Auto Shanghai

Volkswagen's Jetta becomes a brand. We presented the new brand for the first time at Auto Shanghai. On approx. 1,000 sqm, visitors were able to discover Jetta - both analogue and digital.

Jetta appeals to the new generation of Chinese car owners: We designed Jetta's first brand appearance at China's largest automotive trade fair - Auto Shanghai - in a stylish and innovative manner.

Large-format and attention-grabbing LED walls in the centre of the stage formed the communicative framework for the brand presence. They became the backdrop for press conferences, board speeches and press interviews. And last but not least the stage for the impressive breakdance crew, who performed 36 times in ten days.

In addition to the brand environment and the stage performances, which set the new brand apart from the competition, we also playfully integrated the proud past of the legendary Jetta through the interactive brand activations in the Experience Center. VR installations and brand image films which could be activated via gesture navigation offered the opportunity to dive deeper into Jetta's brand DNA.



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