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We Are Bayer - Anniversary Event

How do you organize a celebration for 30,000 people?

A get-together for all in Bayer’s own premier league soccer stadium was the answer. A celebration of all things Bayer in line with their brand position of “Science for a better life”. Entertainment and fun galore, but also many activities and vignettes to highlight the fact that all participants together are Bayer. Interaction and participation from singing along to the especially composed company anniversary song to shaping the Bayer logo together.

The festivities kicked of with interviews of Bayer sponsored sports stars, intertwined with dance and gymnastic performances of some of the Bayer social and sports clubs. To highlight the impact of Bayer on the lives of its people, we also interviewed married couples that found each other while both working for Bayer, and introduced the pioneers and former employees to the heartwarming applause of their current colleagues.

One of the early highlights of the program was the first live performance of the especially compose Bayer song by the ten contest winners from all over the world. And with a bit of help of a professional singing coach, soon all 30,000 employees were able to join in.

Just before ‘the grande finale’: a live concert of David Garret, his band and the Bayer Philharmonic, the 30,000 employees formed the Bayer logo using multicolored cardboard squares. Shaping the biggest Bayer company logo in history.

Direct feedback from guests just after the event and on Bayer’s Facebook page was more than just positive. “unforgettable”, “amazing”, “proud to be part of Bayer”, etc. According to the senior management of Bayer, the event succeeded in strengthening the “We” feeling within the company. “Can’t wait for the 300th anniversary celebrations”, probably summarizes the overall satisfaction of the event best.



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